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Managed Services

Proactive support to prevent problems: We can monitor your computer network, servers, computers, and moblie devices 24/7 to identify and resolve many potential issues before they become critical problems.

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Cloud Solutions

Your move to the cloud should not be cloudy. With Close Reach Solutions Cloud integration services, you can be be confident that you have the right team to help you select the most appropriate cloud solution for your business.

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Data Security and Backup

Strategic data backup, disaster recovery planning, and security. Close Reach Solutions provides the tools you need to ensure business contimuity and data protection.


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UCEDC is a nonprofit that provides financing and training for small businesses. We advise our prospective entrepreneurs to understand their professional strengths and hire good talent to accommodate their weaknesses. It’s critical that small organizations, like ours, identify a strong and flexible technology partner to help them succeed. UCEDC’s technology partner for the past decade, Close Reach Solutions, is responsive and has the ability to explain complex issues in laymen’s terms. They have helped propel UCEDC’s rapid growth by making our technology systems seamless to our operations. What’s particularly attractive is their ability to provide ever greater levels of sophisticated services as our needs expand. "

Maureen Tinen, President

Union County Economic Development Corporation 

Are you tired of computer headaches but don’t know who you can trust to fix them?

Here’s why you can rely on us to handle all of your technology needs:

  • We have a proven track record
  • We understand small businesses
  • We have the expertise
  • We are responsive
  • We focus on proactive support to prevent problems

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